Strategic business planning is an important aspect in being able to maximize profits while reducing overall costs. Any good business plan will include commercial or renters insurance, as this is what would thoroughly protect the company and their assets from unexpected accidents and losses, which are commonly associated with theft, property damage from fires or weather related events, injuries, product recalls, data breach or allegations of professional wrongdoing resulting in lawsuits.

To get the most out of your commercial insurance, it is important to have a great understanding of the available options. Even more important to this process is to have an agency that understands your businesses operations, history, goals and future plans. Only once your insurance agent understands all of this can they assess the potential risks and hazards that your business faces, and better determine the type of coverage required for each unique business need and then develop a plan of insurance that will protect your business. Many times the solution will consist of a combination of insurance products and sound risk management principles/plans.

Commercial Auto Insurance

While there is insurance for personal vehicles, this is not enough to cover items which relate to business. Any vehicle used in the context of business must have its own commercial policy, especially if it is routinely used in business operations.

Commercial Property Insurance

A physical location, business personal property and inventory is one of the key assets a business has. Commercial property insurance covers damages caused by fire, theft, weather events and can include coverage for loss of income from a covered loss in addition to the actual property coverage.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Many businesses are recommended to use CGL as a starting point for their insurance needs, particularly in terms of reliability, as it provides coverage for a number of occurrences. This includes property damage, and bodily, personal, and advertising injuries.

Workers Compensation

In many industries, manpower is the most important asset that a business can have. In the event that workers are hurt on the job, workers compensation is what covers their medical expenses and lost income. Equally important is the very unique and comprehensive protection worker’s compensation provides to Texas business owners.

Business Owner Package

a BOP is a policy that is inclusive of many types of commercial insurance and packages them into one policy at a discounted rate.

Through an independent agency like Anderson Rogers, a business can compare different proposals created specifically for their unique business operations and needs, saving time and money as they get a plan from trusted providers. Call Anderson Rogers Insurance Agency today to set up a time to receive a free business insurance consultation with a professional, licensed agent that understands your business in Austin, TX.

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