Just because a tenant does not have to worry about the exterior of his apartment, it does not mean he should simply leave his possessions vulnerable to fire, harm and burglary. Apartment and rental dwelling tenants need a renter’s policy to cover their belongings. Landlords usually have policies for their properties, but those policies will not cover for the damages to your personal effects, nor will it cover you for a lawsuit or injuries that occur on your premises. Thus, a renter’s policy is an absolute must for tenants. Many apartment complexes and landlord’s now require their tenant’s to provide proof of premises liability insurance in the tenant’s name. It is typically a very one sided policy in favor of the insurance carrier and/or landlord. Don’t rely on the coverage they offer you unless you have reviewed it with a licensed, professional insurance agent whose sole job is understanding insurance coverage and the carrier’s that offer them. Call Anderson Rogers Insurance today to make sure have the coverage you need.

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